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Welcome to – the home to the web’s most accurate football result predictor. Using over 10 year’s of football data and statistics, the football predictor can predict the outcome of any match in the Premier League, Football League or Football Conference – with over 88% accuracy.


Since 2002, has calculated a “performance” score for every team after each and every league match – that’s over 24,000! We combine these scores with over 10 years worth of trends, analysis and improvement to predict the most likely outcome for any given league match.

These metrics are updated on a daily basis, and improve in accuracy after every match.

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The football predictor is over 88% accurate for any given head-to-head match. That does mean that there is a 12% chance of the prediction being wrong – and the more matches you wish to predict, the greater this error margin could become.


Please note that all predictions are made on purely statistical, scientific data and trends. As such, there are many thousands (potentially millions) of other unpredictable factors that could influence the outcome of a match (injuries, for example).

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